The cult of Beauty was born in the heart of the Mediterranean

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And its treasured effects live on today in our formulas. The perfect harmony between pure active principles of nature of this privileged geographical setting are now a guarantee of quality and exceptional results in hair.


Extract of Mediterranean algae

An infallible cocktail of marine algae, notable for their moistening, antioxidant and regenerating properties that keep the hair and scalp protected during the technical works.

Rich in oligo-elements, minerals, vitamins and amino-acids, they give the hair long-lasting coloured tonalities, with intense luminosity and shine.

The result is protected hair that glows with life.

How does SEBELYS colouring work?

SEBELYS colouring uses Advanced Technologies developed by our own laboratories. Its formula acts on the 3 levels of the capillary fibre in 2 unique steps to treat it in its entirety and achieve perfect coating of the hair.

With SEBELYS colouring you will achieve

Perfect  long-lasting tonalities

Care and protection for the capillary fibre

A soft appearance and a soft touch

Liveliness and shine in your hair